quarta-feira, agosto 23, 2017


you know better by now than to eat sugar.
you know how lethargic you get and how drugged up you feel. it appears now, even in small dosis.

you ARE still doing fine. so fine! more foccused and more able to say right from wrong when it's about your compulsatory eating.

it's ok if you indulged yourself now.
it's ok. just don't do it again tomorrow. don't be a child, take responsibility for your choices.

for your body, your health and your principles that you carelessly chose to ignore, just to selfishly eat a piece of chocolate.

but you're doing good.
i'm not gonna be hard on you. more like the opposite; i'm gonna CHOOSE to be gentil with you us.

lemme hug you, ms. s.

funny enough, i just found a draft here about the same sensation:

"I feel drugged up.

My eyes are now only able to move slowly, my heart is racing and I feel out of place because of the high amount of sugar I've been
consuming all day.

I actually never been drugged up in life, but I've seen those people in the movies and I feel like them.


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